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Established in 1984 Gourmet Vienna Meat & More Products Pvt.Co.Ltd. is not only the oldest but by now also the largest meat processing company in Nepal. It was Gourmet Vienna that introduced European style sausages and hams and other processed meat to Nepal. Ever since the opening day we have given highest priority to the quality as well as to the authentic European flavour of its products.

About the same time Gourmet Vienna started its own bakery, producing European style breads and pastry. We have, for more than 20 years now, also imported cheese from Austria and Germany. In 2008 the company decided to widen the range of its imported goods and added other dairy products as well as frozen foods, including sea foods and frozen vegetables, to become a ONE STOP supplier. Gourmet Vienna supplies Nepal’s Five-Star hotels and biggest Supermarkets (with Bhatbhateni Supermarket the main client) as well as the “LSG Sky Chef” which daily operates 32 flights out of Kathmandu.

In addition to catering to the local market Gourmet Vienna also exports processed and unprocessed meat products to India and Bhutan.

Over the last 20 Years we have gained considerable experience in the field of import. Gourmet Vienna is therefore renowned for the quality of not only the locally produced goods but also for the high standard and wide range of its imported goods.